Disappearing Barriers: owning the in-authenticity of our superstitions

Reading transformational writing is difficult work. The act of getting what is said confronts and challenges our deeply held superstitions about how being in the world actually works for us. This confronting of our superstitions makes us aware of them – and begins to de-world them, disrupting their automatic action. We are comfortable in our superstitions, and disturbing them is distressing and uncomfortable. This distress often shows up with the commentary “What is he talking about? That couldn’t be true!”.

Fully experiencing the automatic action, the impact on our being-in-the-world breaks the previously unseen connections that hold these superstitions in place, and frees us from their impact. This process of confrontation makes the unseen action and impact of the superstitions apparent. Becoming aware of them eliminates the barriers that our superstitions bind us to. This process can be gradual or dramatic but it is always to some degree discomforting and distressing.

It is this distress and discomfort that we avoid.

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