Proposed Essays

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Here is a list of pages I am planning to write. Some are already written and I provide links to them. Please provide a comment about what you’d like to see first or are curious about. If you have any questions or requests please comment!

The “There” – The Clearing

Talk / Discourse / Distinguishing

Idle Talk: Fallen Discourse


Curiosity: Fallen Sight

Ambiguity: Fallen Understanding

Fallenness: Everyday Inauthenticity

Mood: Being Attuned to the World


The “They” (LEC: “it”)

Spirituality, Transformation, and Transcendence

Ready-to-hand: the Familiar World

Present-at-hand: Presence as Being

Worldhood: Disclosedness and Discoveredness

Meaning and Significance

Explicitness and Thematization


Fleeing and Resistance

Horizons and Projections


A Theory of Coping

A Model of “All of it”

Access to Power

The Available World and Ready-to-hand Entities

Collapsing Domains and the Vicious Spiral

Comportments of Identity

Contrasting Western They and Heideggerian Interpretation

An Interpretation of the US Political Worldview

Grok’ing and Gronk’ing

Just Tarrying Alongside and the Scientific Worldview

Objectivism and Other Nonsense

Phenomena, Semblance, and Superstition

Power and Transformation

Transformation and Networks of Social Power

A Concordance of LEC Distinctions and Being and Time

The Bankruptcy of Consilience

Linguistic Way of Being: “Being Your Word”

So: What’s So, and So What?

An Introduction to Phenomenological Temporality

The inauthenticity of “someday maybe”

Mental models: moods and the hermeneutic circle

Learning from our cousins: Orangutans live in the forest; human beings live in language.

911 a designed propaganda event: Basic points of a designed propaganda event, a dramatic event and a prepared set of interpretations linked to the emotional impact of the event. The interpretations present a horizon upon which to distinguish futures. The interpretations that were presented to us were designed to shift the American public’s priorities to include greater American participation in global politics, accept the need for intrusive government surveillance, expend money resources to achieve these operations.

The alliances of social power brokers: democracy or capital-ocracy. What are the existing alliances between of social power brokers: Economic power brokers (banks, corporations, current capital holders), Military power brokers (the hierarchical administration structure of destructive force), Political power brokers (laws, policing, negotiation, representation of mass public) and Ideological power brokers (media, religion, art, education).

Explicitly controlling the horizons of possible determinations. What can show up for Dasein being-in-the-world. What is the probable almost certain future we the as the inauthentic One are living into?

Contribution factor analysis in making policy decisions. Many factors are analyzed in making complex policy decisions. A simplistic case of this is “Optimize net present value.” Policy variables are assigned monetary value and a calculation is done. Decisions between available options are evaluated in order to maximize the monetary value of the situation.  But if it all comes down to money we no longer live in a democracy but instead we live in a capital-ocracy,  where all decisions are made for the sake of money.

But decisions can be based on a more granular basis, which account for other actual values of the decision makers and those they represent. In evaluating choices, decision makers can make their values and priorities more explicit.  This kind of explicit analysis is resisted by most current policy makers. Most often they present fraudulent justifications for their decisions.  Fraudulent justifications of bad decision are what we call “excuses.”

We live in a culture dominated by fraudulent justification.

Holding power to account. There is strong evidence to believe that many policy decisions are based on agendas and priorities other than those presented for review by those to whom the decision makers are accountable. How can we effectively make the case? How do we make intangible factors explicit? How do we measure the relative importance of intangible factors on decision making?




We are victims of a deliberately perpetrated fraud.


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