Will to Power

“Will to power” is an ontic interpretation/analysis of Daseins comportment, being-in-the-world, against the horizon of ontic individual behavior. Phenomenally it is an aspect of comportment belonging to circumspective concern with things in the world, and the considerateness and forbearance of solicitude in regard to others.  Power is increased access, the bringing close of that with which we are concerned.

The concept of “power” is infused with inauthentic interpretations of the “They”. Power is effective use of circumspection. Powerful interpretations disclose that which

Power and the world

How do interpretations determine disclosure? (LEC: the occurring world as determined by and shaped by language) How do the always already interpretations of the “They” interpretations determine circumspection, solicitude, and considerateness? The fallen discourse of the They determine the attunements and understanding.


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