About the Possibility of Authenticity Site

This site supports a public inquiry into the potential for ordinary people to live extraordinary lives. It focuses on communication that shows paths for people to leap ahead and liberate themselves and others. By communication I mostly mean listening & speaking and reading & writing, but also include performance art and even the ‘communication’ displayed and seen in practical activity.  Not diminishing the value of incremental progress, Leaping ahead means suddenly manifesting being in a different kind of world. Liberating points to a distinctive quality of being in that world: a sense of freedom and power.

The following points will give you a sense of what this site is about.

We sometimes experience communicated phenomena that profoundly alter our experience of living. I have personally had a few life changing communications, and have seen hundreds of others report them in both secular and religious settings. Throughout history many people have gotten access to these phenomena through religion. Some of you may find that customary institutional religious terminology and interpretation is essential to your understanding. Nonetheless, this site focuses on a secular approach to these phenomena. What is it that makes a difference which liberates? What communication makes the critical difference in a specific situation? How do we communicate it effectively? Are we leaping across a chasm or merely hopping to the next step stone?

I am seeking to communicate transformational possibilities in written text. Idle talk and hearsay are the – almost inevitable – failure to show to another what has at least once been genuinely seen. This is what we are actually communicating about.  Similarly, casual blogging and superficial reading will mostly fail to communicate to you what I am talking about. But ultimate failure is not inevitable. Some writers have done it and do it reliably – true poets. But even then, most poetry is only truly effective when spoken aloud. Perhaps because as listeners we can’t turn off our ears, pause or control the pace. Speaking is both more engaging and intrusive than writing. Maybe writing must be more pleasing and inviting so the reader does not turn away when jarred by a confronting disclosure.

I have a radical ‘early’ Heideggerian viewpoint. It is based on his Being and Time and some of his 1920’s lectures. In my opinion, much of what works and provides value in transformational courses, post-modern continental philosophy, existential political activism, contemporary approaches to sociology, and even some contemporary cognitive science and AI, is grounded in phenomena described by Martin Heidegger in his 1920’s work.  His contributions are often unseen or ignored. But there is much more there undiscovered; even even sweeter fruit at the ends of the skinny branches. Late Heidegger is apparently bizarre, but perhaps that is merely a semblance.

It’s not what we say or even how we say it that makes the difference. What makes the real difference is what we are talking about. And I’m not talking about what it is that is said represents. Mostly what we talk about makes no difference. A lot of what we talk about are illusions and superstitions that we take seriously and debate about – in some cases for thousands of years. In contrast there are real phenomena that we fail to see, or even actively ignore. Some of these unnoticed phenomena make a real difference in the quality of every day life.   Which are which? There is the first part of the work.

I strongly recommend participation in the Landmark Forum as a first step in seeing what this site is talking about, especially as concerns “possibility”, “sharing”, and “making a difference”.

Thank you for visiting! Please comment! Too dry! Not enough rigor! Citations please! As I try to communicate what I see, and refine, or define a style and vocabulary that works for at least a few, please join me in the inquiry!

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