Transforming Who We are as Temporality

Transforming Who We are as Temporality

It’s possible to transform who we are that time is – who we are as Temporality.

It is a level more fundamental than who we are as having an understanding of being.

As Dasein we have an understanding of being. We can transform who we are, by transforming the understanding of being we are. We can transform what it is to be a human being.

More fundamentally we might transform who we are that Temporality is. Temporality as the condition for the possibility of being. The possibility of having an understanding of being is grounded in the kind of Temporality we implement as ontic creatures.

The world and our culture trains us how to “do time” – how to temporalize temporality.

How to perform the transformation:

1. Starts with who we already are that Temporality is.  We mostly don’t even see Temporality as a phenomenon because it is covered up by our common understanding of time.  We have almost no language for it, even though it underlies our everyday understanding of time and being. Maybe the meaning of language itself is only accessible, distinguishable as projected on the horizon of Temporality.

2. Distinguish what is inauthentic about those comportments.

3. See what’s possible.

I don’t know what it would look like.

I’m talking about a Transformation at the level of Temporality.


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