Temporal Micro Comportments

Temporal Micro Comportments

Temporal micro comportments constitute the set of fundamental operations our neurobiology performs that implements the phenomena: Dasein, time, and being.

Our neurobiological mechanism implements a set of behaviors which implements phenomenological experience.

We can construct a man made machine that performs some degree of simulation of these behaviors.

At this point, the most fundamental horizon upon which being and time can be understood is temporality.

These are the fundamental operations our biological mechanism ontically executes and we are always already performing as we temporalize temporality. We could further characterize these temporal micro-comportments as temporal micro instructions, as specifically named and behaviors, as performed.

These are called micro-comportments to distinguish them from comportments fully implemented ontic and existentielle comportments toward things in the world.  These comportments are constituted in some way from the micro-comportments. In an analogy to computer software where micro processor instructions and operating system calls implement a higher level language or software programs and processes.

In a way of speaking we could view the Dasein as a temporal processor which executes temporal micro instructions as it temporalize temporality. This is at a level more fundamental than our traditional theory of action. Our ordinary operations of time, action and being rely on these fundamental behaviors.

Think about decoding the matrix:

What is:

  • being entranced
  • paying attention
  • being with
  • Dasein with

The experience of being we have is the direct result of the interpretation of time we have in our culture. This interpretation is held in place by our language and behavior, our logos and praxis. The interpretation of time we share is the foundation of our understanding of what it is to be a human being and our understanding of being itself.

Our understanding of being is a function of the manner in which we operate with and think about time. The being-in-the-world which we are is fully determined by our temporal micro-comportments.


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