Current Research Projects

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Essays regarding the development of human potential.

Introduction to Existential Phenomenology

A set of PowerPoint slides based on Martin Heidegger's 1925 lecture course, "The History of the Concept of Time". The first half of the course is an introduction to the Heidegger's views on Phenomenology. The lectures were necessary for students to see the distinctions discussed in the second half of the course. This slide deck generally serves as an introduction to the phenomena discussed and terminology he used a few years later in "Being and Time".

A Java Implementation of Dasein

In 1927 the German Philosopher Martin Heidegger published Being and Time, a phenomenological interpretation that provides an analysis of fundamental ontology. This project is a Java model of the core structures of Dasein as described in Heidegger's interpretation. It maps the structures revealed for being-in-the-world to Java classes and interfaces. The purpose is to express the structures, which can be easily misinterpreted, in a more formal programming language.